Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In the Spirit of Halloween...

Top 13 Halloween Sites courtesy of digg.com.

Since its the 31st today, I thought we too better get into the spirit of Halloween.

from the that was so five seconds ago blog.

new iPods... meh, new nano supports AIDS... alright!

Wow. New iPods. Yawn. It happens every year. (The new clippy shuffle's kinda neat though.)

Wait! New Red iPod supports AIDS charity? Did I read that right? The company that Greenpeace tags as the fourth worst eco-freindly tech company out there is teaming up with Bono to help AIDS effort?
Apparently, for every iPod nano RED that is sold Apple will donate $10 to the AIDS effort. That's delicious, Apple. Red Delicious.

First Post and Myspace


Welcome to the That was so five seconds ago Blog!
Some people just don't keep up on the times. This is for them.
Here's to whats cool and not... and this is not from some creepy forty-year-old either. I'm a teenager and in university. I hope you enjoy the obvious that is to come in future postings.

In Teens' Web World, MySpace Is So Last Year
All I have to say to that is "Well, duh!"

And please, do yourself a favor; ditch MySapce and get Facebook.
P.s. Facebook stops creepy forty-year-olds from stocking you!