Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cool Time Wasters to Fill Your Boring Life

  1. Don't Do Drugs! Kids, I speak from experience; drugs mess... what was I talking about?! Oh well, just check out this optical illusion. Its great fun. However, please use sparingly. (We aren't sure how good this is for your eyes.) Trying it once won't hurt. Just do it. You know you want to. Come-on! Give in to peer pressure!
  2. Take a rubber band and hold it up to a CRT monitor. (Make sure its turned on and preferably has a white background.) Pinch and stretch the band with your left and right hands. Strum/pluck the band with a spare finger. Watch the squiggles!
  3. I love mazes. See if you can beat my average time of 1min 15sec.
  4. You will be the coolest kid in town if you do these in front of people. Seriously. I guarantee you will go from tool to cool in only a day. Don't think. Just read and do, read and do.
  5. If the first four fail to waste enough time, try eating your ear.*
* Don't cut your ear off. Who do you think you are, van Gogh?

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