Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nintento Wii, Wow

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to test out a Wii. Yes that's right, before it has even been released. I'm just that special.

Anyways, I think its safe to say everyone will absolutely love the Nintendo Wii. And when I say everyone, I mean just that. Nintendo isn't just targeting gamers; they are targeting the whole family with the intuitive controller.

The motion sensing controller called the Wiimote (aka Wii Remote) is pure genius. It takes natural and known movements and integrates them into the game play.

For example, I played WiiSports Boxing. You hold the Wiimote in your right hand and the second part of the controller (called the Nunchuk) in your left. Then you just simply punch like crazy! You can also block by holding your two fists up to your head or your waste. Simple.

The new Nintendo Wii is definitely cool. And the best part is its only $250 and comes with a game (WiiSports)! Nothing compared to the Sony PS3's $500 price tag. (Not to mention a $50 dollar game to even start playing the PS3.) Kids, good luck getting one of those from Santa!

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